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Of recent, the increasing rate of killings in the north has caused a louder scare in the minds of many across the nation. Just as the beginning of Boko Haram attacks, Christians in Benue state and Plateau state have so far been the most victimized in the attacks. With no clue as to how the killings escalated this much, would you say the government has done enough to control the several attacks?

Unfortunately, many Nigerians feel the government has not done enough to control the growing security threat in the north. While some express their displeasure about the situation on social media, others, especially Christians have taken to the streets to protest the killings. Looking at the timeline of protests in Nigeria, how much of effect do you think this mass action might yield?

In January 2012, under Goodluck Jonathan’s government, there was a very large protest over removed fuel subsidy. The protest lasted for three days and the third day of the protest seemed like the government had come to a compromise with the protesting Nigerians but what followed was not what we bargained for. Indeed, our cries got to the ears of the government but did it change anything?

As much as Christians in Kaduna and Plateau might want to cry out so their lives and properties are saved, don’t you think they might have forgotten that the killings have not been on Christians alone?

Posing a religious bias in their quest for justice, it is evident that the Christians seem to consider the Muslims around them as the major culprits of the killings. Indeed, asides the fact that some suspected herdsmen are responsible for the many attacks, we cannot assert their religious orientation or beliefs. Hence for proper administration of justice, don’t you think it would have been wiser of the Christians and Muslims staged the protest together?

Consequently, protesting over a situation that is beyond their control could seem more like blinking in the dark. From the look of things, the protest has not stirred any much effect than making the headlines and it might just end there. In a time like this when evry Nigerian has several other reasons to protest against the government, what other measure would you have suggested that they go about the problem?

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