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Over 5,000 APC members in Kaduna state defect to PDP: Despite El Rufai’s staunch loyalty to Buhari, could this be merely partisan issues?

According to reports from Linda Ikeji’s blog, 5, 558 members of APC in Kaduna state have defected to PDP and asides the fact that it is a great loss for the party in that state, it as well goes down to describe how poorly the APC leadership in that state has functioned even at this crucial time. Hence going by El Rufai’s controversial leadership in the past few years, do you think he might carry a greater percentage of blame for this?

In 2017, Governor El Rufai made rounds in the headlines for sacking over 22,000 teachers in Kaduna state. Although president Buhari was in support of his action, it didn’t change the fact that his decision was too extreme. Nonetheless, this did not make him deter from sacking another 5,000 of the newly employed teachers in the state. Thus, trailing the path of a dictator, don’t you think extreme actions brought about the extreme n reaction?

Just last weekend, a ward electoral process in Ekiti state was disrupted by some hoodlums and indications suspected it came from within and not from an opposition party. With such insecure situations already popping up in a party even before the general elections in 2019, what better safety option would have been employed other than defection?

On the flip side as well, looking at the timeline of transition from the PDP government to the APC government in 2015, it seems more like Nigeria has broken an arm to heal a broken leg. Looking at how the poor economic, security and educational state of the country have not changed despite APC ‘s promise of change in 2015; for a state like Kaduna where the killings are on the high side, what better step would have reflected the peoples plight other than defection?

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