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While Benue and Taraba states are still suffering from daily attacks by herdsmen, Buhari goes all out on expanding security detail for his friend El Rufai in his Kaduna state: can Nigeria survive for long under this kind of Bias leadership?

Almost every Nigerian is aware of the fact that Benue and Taraba states are the most affected in the recent killings by herdsmen. The killings; unending have spread to Gombe state, but still has a large spread in Taraba and Benue. Thus with pressure mounting in both states, would you say the government has done enough to control the increasing security threat?

The attacks became an issue at the beginning of this year after the bloody massacre of over 75 lives on New Year’s Day in Benue and Taraba state. Despite the sense of emergency and the need for speedy actions on the issue, the federal government was very slow to react or take actions on the issue; instead the president saw more importance in defending the achievements of his current government. For a leader whose major promise at his campaign was to provide better security for the nation, how well can you measure the success of his government?

Interestingly, taking the right action but in the wrong direction, President Buahri has approved a new Military Battalion, New Police Area Command and Two additional Divisions Police headquarters for Kaduna state police. The aim is to help combat the supposed increasing security threat in the state. Asides the obvious that Governor of Kaduna state, El Rufai is a full fleshed Buhari loyalist, don’t you think President Buhari is compromising national security by ignoring the need for extra security in Bunue and Taraba state as well as jeopardizing his own integrity just to earn favor and votes in Kaduna state for 2019?