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Fela Durotoye New Nigeria 10 point agenda: is he about to take Nigeria on a blind date?

It is no news that foremost motivational speaker and public speaking expert Fela Durotoye has declared his interest to run for presidency in 2019 and following the cry for a younger leader, lots of youths are of the opinion that he is the best man for the job because he is young. Durotoye has also taken his candidacy a step further with a 10 by four agenda he has created to help solve all of BNigeria;s current problems in four years. However, for one with no experience as a politician until his candidacy, can we trust him to deliver amidst all the mess already crraed by the current administration?

At the beginning of the 13 paged document, Durotoye acknowledged the need for a Nigeria that works but failed to indicate the level at which It is working already. We must take note of certain tautologies in his 10 point agenda.

He guaranteed that there would be a minimum of 5% GDP growth per annum in his tenure, but it might interest you to know that this increase has already been forecasted for next year following the 0.87 growth rate recorded in 2017 as reported by Punch Nigeria.

After the retraction of -1.58% in Nigeria’s GDP caused by an economic recession between 2015 and 2016, there has been a steady increase and growth of the GPD from 1.40% increase recorded in the 3rdquarter of 2017 to 1.92 percent increase recorded in the fourth quarter of 2017, 

hence, realistically, 2017 recorded 4.29% real GDP Growth. For Fela Durotoye, latching on this foreseen future improvement, could his financial agenda be a future offshoot of the yet un-noticed progress in the current administration? Should we be impressed?

His agenda also promises a reduction in the inflation rate form double digit to single digits. This indeed seems like a great plan to those who are not aware of the drastic reduction of inflation rate in the economy between 2016 and early 2018.

According to Pulse Nigeria.

The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) in its Consumer Price Index (CPI) report for February 2018, released in March 2018 said core inflation dropped from 15.13% in January to 14.33% in February, the lowest level in almost a year. Going by this report and the bar chart statistics made available on tradingeconomics.com

one can boldly assert that Nigeria is sure headed towards Fela Durotoye’s proposed future even before he thought of the plan. Nonetheless, presenting historical occurrences where projects and national development schemes initiated by a previous government are ignored and abandoned by a new government, where does Fela Durotoye’s 10 point agenda posit his chances of winning?

Permit me to draw your attention to the fact that Durotoye;s agenda is a 10 by 4 plan, that is, 10 points to be achieved in four years. His agenda cuts across all aspects of government and he aims at providing a lasting solution to all of their failing aspects within four years of his tenure in office. On item 3, page 4 of the 10 point agenda made available to the public, Durotoye highlighted plans to eradicate security threats and terrorist groups; was this not Buhari’s  major campaign tool? Talking on intents to help improve national security and take out Nigeria from the list of world’s 50 terrorized nations without feasible directions to address the issue, how is this campaign strategy different from what president Buhari sold to us in his 2015 campaign, the packaging?

Reading through the other plans on the list, one cannot help but notice how they all discuss problems in respective sectors and the needed solutions but lack conviction on feasible mechanisms to address the problems. For a candidate like Durotoye, positing himself as the best man to solve age long problems in just four years, thus, requesting that we invest four years of our lives to trust his unclear and non-specific plans for Nigeria, is Nigeria ready for another blind date? Share your thoughts in the comments section.