Former President of the Nigerian Labor Congress and former Governor of Edo State, Adams Oshiomole as reported on Vanguard online has officially joined the race for the chairmanship of APC. Interestingly, asides the obvious that he is fast getting influenced by politicians and their system, it is also important we ask, can he still question wrong political practices as an insider?

You would recall his years as president of the Labor Congress; Adams Oshiomole then was popular for how he led the congress in questioning and criticizing government policies that did not favor the labor market. Indeed, this was really a show of loyalty and a high level of integrity. However, on getting into office as governor of Edo State in 2011, was Oshiomole able to replicate the same high level of transparency as he did when he was President of NLC?

During his time as governor, not only did Oshiomole lose his popularity as a man for the people, his government was characterized by inconsistent attention to staff welfare as well as uncontrollable corruption. For one who got popular by questioning wrong government policies and practices in the seats of power, did he do well to live up to the legacy he led as NLC chairman?

Hence going into another phase of partisan politics with his aspiration for chairman of the All Progressive Congress, one thing anybody would hope for is that Oshiomole goes in to the office to effect some change in the ruling party such that it would in turn effect a change in the government. But looking at the timeline of his days in politics so far, would Oshiomole thrive over the many bad influences that follow the office?

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