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The recent shut down crisis in OAU, Osun state: what hopes does the future generation have in a dilapidated educational system?

In the early 2000s the trend of riots, protests and strike action in Nigerian universities was on the all-time high and this was one of the issues that gave an impetus to the rise of private owned universities in Nigeria; but for the sake of those that cannot afford private universities, would you say the government has done enough to stabilize the several inconsistencies in the federal universities?

In the university of Lagos, between 2011 and 2015, over 10 strikes and school protests were recorded because the school management performed below standard in administering its duties. For a premier school like Unilag, known for its vogue outlook because it is in Lagos, don’t you think the government seems to have little or no value for what the poor educational system turns the students into?

Using Obafemi Awolowo University as a case study, the school seems to carry a very large record of strikes and shut down for as long as 6 months in somr instances. Don’t forget that OAU is one of the oldest schools in Nigeria and has over time had several records of the best university in Africa. However, with the most recent security invasion and shut down by unidentified authorities, placing the lives of many students at great danger, can we ever reiterate the days of greatness in our Nigerian universities?

Comparing the private universities to the federal schools, one possible difference anyone could point at is the high tuition fees in the private university. Every other thing seems to be on a parallel except for the fact that the federal universities have a more linnet system of operation. Hence in your opinion, what do you think the government needs to address more in the federal university system?