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Aregbesola claims he has not collected any salary since resuming office in 2014: should this be an excuse for any form of poor performance or possible corruption allegation after office?

Governor of Osun Sate, Rauf Aregbesola claims in a tweet recently that he has not collected any salary since resumption of office in 2014. He also added that he has no justification for collecting the salary because he already enjoys free accommodation, free health care and free transportation. Serving as governor for the past four years, can we liken the uptight attitude as in the tweet to his government?

Early this year, former Chairman of the Senate Appropriation Committee, Dr Iyiola Omisore accused Rauf Aregbesola of plunging the state into a huge debt, to the tune of N416bn. This allegation comes after reports that Aregbesola owed staff salaries and allowances up to N119bn. Hence in your opinion, don’t you think the unpaid salaries explain why Aregbesola is still blooming despite not earning salary as a governor?

In 2011, when Babatunde Fashola ended his tenure as governor of Lagos state, it was easy for Lagosiains to accept Ambode as his successor because Fashola’s 8-year government was one of the best Lagos state had in years. Thus, taking a que from Fashola and Ambode, do you think Aregbesola has done well enough to set the paths right for whoever he might present in the next election? Could Aregbesola’s mismanaged government cost APC the Osun state governorship seat in the next election?

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