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#OBYFIGHT4NAIJA: “Buhari and Atiku Are Conjoined From Head to Toe as #BuTiku” – Oby Ezekwesili


Pretty much everybody in Nigeria heard when Sahle-Work Zewde was announced the first female president of Ethiopia. There was a whole lot of buzz about it, and everybody had one or two things to say. But whatever the opinion, everybody agreed on one thing – It’s not a phenomenon we’re used to seeing in Nigeria.

It looks like Sahle is proving to be a pioneer though, pushing other black women to step up and actually run for presidency. And among these women is our very own Oby Ezekwesili!  You guys, she is actually running for president. And not only is she running for president, she is breathing fire; calling everybody out, beginning at ex-president, Goodluck Jonathan, stating that the promise of “renewal of hope” made by him turned the “beautiful Nigerian dream” into a nightmare. She didn’t stop there though. Nope. She went ahead to call President Buhari out;

“There is no shadow of doubt: President Buhari is the most parochial, most nepotistic and most partisan president that Nigeria has ever seen.This president talks about fighting grand corruption. Please, please, give me a break! Can corruption fight corruption? Does he think we cannot see? A president that looks the other way while his friends and cronies suffocate and strangle our country?”

She charged Nigerians not to vote ex-vice president Atiku for president either, claiming that Atiku and “Buhari and Atiku are conjoined from head to toe as #BuTiku. There is no lesser evil in #BuTiku. #BuTiku are members of the same party.” She went ahead to call them “Siamese Twins of Failure”

Whew. Is it hot in here? Or is it just us? *turns on fan* Oby be blowing some hot air though.

She then called Nigerians out, asserting that “Our mumu don do”, and that the suffering has to end. Her agenda, which she named “Fight 4 Naija”, promises, amongst many others;

  • To create wealth; creating jobs and taking at least 80 million Nigerians out of poverty, while fighting the bad policies that have made Nigeria the poverty capital
  • To mobilize the youth, building and adopting science and technology, implementing reorganization and making the government a partner

She charged Nigerians to no longer be scared, assuring that she is a figure of hope, and that she knows the work.

Whether or not she will win… well that’s a story for another day. All we know is she has shaken and broken a lot of tables with this speech, and she is currently trending because of it. We’re wondering though. Do you think Nigeria is ready for her own female president? Do you think Aunty Oby would win? Do you support the #ObyFight4Naija movement??

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