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You Can’t Help But Love These Halloween Costumes!

Halloween might not be widely celebrated in Nigeria, yet (not with black parents. They don’t play that stuff)

If that’s something your mother can do, raise your hands please, let’s know one another lol.

We are starting to see some Halloween costume parties in Nigeria though, and we are absolutely loving the idea. ‘Tis the season again this year, and we’ve been looking forward to it all year – the good, bad and ugly costumes; the ones that make us laugh, jump, squeal, scream or do all of the above. We’ve caught a glimpse or two of some costumes so far, and the costumes we’ve been seeing are EVERYTHING!!! We are here for thissss! Here are our favourite costumes so far.

Don’t you just love a female joker??? We know we do!

Who else remembers these little toy soldiers from when they were children????? 90s kids where y’all at?!

If you ever saw Boondocks, you would know why this is absolute genius.

If you ever saw Boondocks, you would know why this is absolute genius. She recreated the meme so perfectly! Oh wait. That’s not just a meme. That’s Cardi B’s baby picture – we almost forgot

It’s Sza, Michael B. Jordan and Snoop Dogg! These children be wildin’ this Halloween though! And we love it!

Whew. Don’t you just love costumes? They are so very exciting! So tell us. Hero? Villain? Nun? Lady Liberty – just don’t pass out like Wendy Williams from last year hehe. What/Who were you for Halloween?!

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