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Get Off That Couch!

Hey there, couch potato. How’s that couch feeling today? Warm and cozy, we’re guessing??? Well, what if we told you it just might be time to get off that couch and get moving? Don’t snarl at us like that just yet. We promise, getting off the couch is super good for you. Oh we know, you’re not looking to lose weight, you like how big and bold you are. We hear you, and we agree that big and bold is beautiful. But did you know that there are several other benefits of exercising asides weight loss? We can see your wheels spinning, trying to picture what these other benefits are. Sit tight, we’re about to take you through a session that is sure to have you flying off your chair and onto your yoga mat:

Exercise Helps You Live Longer: No, this isn’t one of those things your mom told you to make you eat your vegetables (although you actually should eat your veggies). Exercise actually does help you. It reduces the risk of a heart attack, keeps cholesterol level low, reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes and even some kinds of cancer!

Stay Happy: Do you ever get depressed? Unhappy and you don’t know why? Maybe you need to get moving. When you exercise, it keeps you from thinking, stops you form worrying, and triggers the release of endorphins –and just in case you didn’t know, endorphins are also released when you orgasm. You picking the hint? *wink wink*

Improve Your Sex Life: Yup, you read that right. If you’ve ever gone through the pages of Kamasutra, then you’ve probably seen over a hundred sex positions, a lot of which involve some weird, snake-in-the-monkey’s-shadow looking positions, and you’re probably just wondering ‘you and who wants to be doing this one? I’m not athletic pls dear’. But did you know that working out regularly could help you be better at the sex? Something to think about, innit?

Sleep Better: So far, it must look like we’re against you. We know, you’re not lazy, you’re conserving your energy. Did you know, however, that exercising would help you sleep better? Yes, we’re for real. So why don’t you just put in a couple minutes of exercise to gain eight hours of beauty sleep???

So, couch potato, you off the couch yet? Great! We hope you’re all gingered to get moving, but please remember to see your doctor before starting an exercise program particularly if you have some health condition, give yourself recovery days, and try to put in about thirty minutes per day – you can spread it out over a couple short walks, or make it one intense session. Enjoy your fit-fam life!

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