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Drink Water, Stay Hydrated, Stay Healthy!


Everybody says “Drink water and mind your business”. It has, over time, become the ultimate ‘shut-up’ line. Why are those two instructions in the same line though? I mean we know that minding your own business helps to keep the drama out, serves to keep you smiling, keeps you in control of your social life, leaves you with more time for yourself, and ensures you have peace of mind.

How about water then?

Water takes care of your body, as minding your business takes care of your mind. What exactly does water do for you?

  1. Weight Loss: If you’ve been looking to lose weight, maybe what you need to do is drink more water. Water increases the rate of metabolism, and drinking water half an hour before a meal makes you feel full, and reduces how much food you eat. Oh and a little tip; drinking cold water helps you burn calories faster, because the body has to apply extra energy to heat the water to body temperature.


  1. Helps Prevent Hangovers: Alcohol causes dehydration, put very simply. And dehydration is a cause – either direct or indirect – of the unpleasant things you feel when you’re hung over (headache, fatigue, dry throat). So while you’re throwing them back, do remember to drink a glass of water in between drinks, and one before going to bed. Goodbye hangovers!


  1. Aids the Kidneys: When you increase the amount of water you take in daily, it increases the amount of urine passing through the kidneys, diluting the minerals, and this helps to prevent, or maybe even treat – at the initial stages – kidney stones.


  1. Great Hair and Skin: Water helps to moisturize the skin, slows down ageing and combat skin disorders, while also managing to keep the hair glossy, shiny, stronger and moisturized. Drink some more water to get that glow on!


  1. Save Money! It might sound ridiculous at first, but think about it. Water is half the price of the cheapest soda. Probably less than one-eighth the price of your cheapest wines or spirits. If you’d been buying water instead of that bottle of soda or that shot of brandy, you’d be a lot richer by now!


When to drink water? Everytime! However, there are optimal times to drink water; after waking up, before a meal, before a bath, and before sleep

If you don’t like the taste of water… or more accurately, the lack thereof, then you could try fruit infused water instead. Always remember, drink water – and mind your business. Au revoir!

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