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Easy Tricks To Becoming A Millionaire With Just 50k

I think 2019 is the year to finally start that business you’ve always dreamt of having. Most people think starting a business is rocket science. From my early days in the University, I have always sold stuff to my fellows in school.  So I have always understood the magic of doubling money; I mean turning that small pocket money you’re given to a capital that would grow you a big business.

After careful research and analysis, these are the 5 profitable business that you can start in Nigeria with just 50,000 Naira. Let’s get right to the 5 business ideas.

1. Pop-corn business: Getting a popcorn machine and producing popcorn is also a viable business idea, the machine goes for about 45000 naira, all you need is corn, butter and sugar, and that’s all! you got yourself a business.

2. Fast food sales: If you can find a good location and set up a fast food joint, all you need is a kiosk, a gas, and your cooking materials (oil, gas, spoon, etc) and that’s all!, you can be cooking noodles, frying eggs or any other fast food.

3. Sales of phones: you can make good money from the sales of phones, all you need is to just buy cheap phones, get a show glass, find a good location and that’s all you need for your new business. It is a very profitable and does not need close monitoring as far as you can account for the number of the phones.

4. Dry cleaning: I call this the untapped business profit making avenue, you can do this from anywhere; your house (just have access to water), you can hire boys that will iron the cloths for you, you only need to buy a washing machine (15,000) and a 3 kva generator set 30k. you are going to be paying your workers from working capital and that’s all… you are good to start.

5. Shawarma/barbecue: If you have been following the trends on twitter, you must have come accross Ojuelegba Shawarma. This business is viable and you only need to know how to make shawarma and barbecue, all you need to buy is a grilling machine and get the shawarma ingredients, then find a lucrative spot and employ an expert. There is minimum risk, a huge profit potential, if you have the 50k start this business today.

See you at the top champ.

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