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Don’t Just Dye Your Hair, Dye It Well!

If you have noticed, hair colouring or hair dying is currently a thing, funny thing is, this hair colouring isn’t just limited to ladies alone. Now, if you are a fan of Kanye west, Chris brown or a few celebrities that likes to rock different hair colours, you just might have nursed the thought of going bold and rocking that coloury hair style you’ve always wanted to try.










But if you are unsure about what product to use or you would like to dye your hair but you are a bit confused on the perfect product to go for, we don’t intend to bore you but share some useful secrets to help transform your hair color to what you want.

– Clairol Natural instincts: This is considered a very effective and efficient home dye product. It has a fade resistant and it keeps the hair shinny at all times. Go for it!









– Revlon Color Silk: It covers gray completely, retains shine, and wouldn’t fade even after four weeks. So, it’s a win, win!

– L’Oréal Superior Preference Glam Light: L’Oréal’s Glam Lights promises to make it easy by reducing it to two simple steps: filling the included highlighting brush with the formula, and then brushing it through your hair from root to tips.

– Rita Hazan Root Concealer Touch-Up Spray: this waterproof and transfer-proof spray is easy to apply right where you need it most, thanks to a super-focused nozzle.

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